July 9, 2016

‘Pain’ Recieves Award in 5th Bangalore Shorts Film Festival

Human trafficking has become a serious issue to be dealt with. Scores of women are suffering every day. Women are kidnapped and harassed both physically and mentally. The victim either loses mental stability or commits suicide. But sadly, the culprits are often set free by the jurisdiction due to lack of evidences and political clout. A new short film that raises this social issue has been conferred with a ‘Special Festival Mention’ award in the 5th Bangalore Shorts Film Festival – 2016. The film titled ‘Pain’ has been written, produced and directed by Naba Kumar Das. His previous short film ‘Spotless’ also received much praise and appreciation in various film festivals.

The story of the film revolves around a young man whose sister is a victim of human trafficking in Assam. Even though she is rescued after a year she loses her mental stability. She commits suicide and the accused is set free by the jurisdiction due to lack of any evidence and clout.

Rajiv sets out on revenge and kidnaps the MLA and his daughter. He even assaults the daughter in front of the MLA to make him experience the pain of being a victim. The key roles in the film have been essayed by Naba Kumar Das, Lonishree Das, Deepak Kumar Roy, Parn Krishna Mahanta, Gitashree, Pinaz, Jagdish, Dayal, Ranjit, Mridul and Master Mansoom. The film’s music is composed by Bikash, background music is scored by Anindya Kashyap, and the theme song is composed and sung by Bivhu Mahanta. The cinematography is done by Bipul Das. The film’s co-producer is Kulen Chandra Das; associate director is Anindya Kashyap, makeup is by Biswa.


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