August 13, 2016

Audio CD ‘Mom Jhale’ Releases

Manoj Kumar Nath, who has made a name for himself as a poet with a distinct style, makes his debut as a singer and lyricist in a new audio CD entitled ‘Mom Jhale’. Recently, the album was formally released by well-known musicians - Kula Barua, Apurba Kumar Das and JP Das, and eminent poet Aniz Uz Zaman. The songs in ‘Mom Jhale’ are romantic in theme, and showcases Nath’s ability as contemporary singer-songwriter on songs like ‘Mom Jhale’, ‘Borokhon’, ‘Marame Maram’, ‘Suwarani’, ‘Tumar Chakur’ and ‘Jeevanar Ai’. Raised in a cultural environment, Nath grew up learning and listening to a lot of Jyoti, Rabha, Jayanta and Bhupendra Sangeet, and infact, has performed in a number of cultural functions in the state. While staying in the Barak valley, he also underwent training in Rabindra Sangeet. He even had a chance encounter with the renowned singer of Hindi cinema, Manna De, at that time.

The songs were received with warm praise and appreciation from everyone present during the release function. The songs, recorded by Saju, are directed and mixed by noted music director Manas Hazarika. The album’s video version, directed by Antarip Hazarika, will be out soon.


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