September 28, 2016

Udayan Duwara and ‘Gangs of North-East’

Udayan Duwara, who is superbly adept and as comfortable with anchoring reality shows and directing star-studded events and programmes as he is with acting, has been earning plaudits from viewers and audiences for quite sometime now. This charismatic and talented performer, who is equally fluent in Hindi and English, has delivered commanding performances in central roles in serials like ‘Jeevanor Rong’, ‘Akashor Thikona Bisari’, ‘Ghar Sanchar’, ‘Bhoi’ among others. Making the most of his talent and distinctive features, Udayan has moved back and forth between television and film with an uncommon ease. He has garnered praises for his engaging performances in movies like ‘TRP aru..’, the much feted ‘The Head Hunter’, ‘Fish in a Bowl’, the much anticipated ‘Bokul’ among others, which have travelled to a number of film festivals.

The actor is currently in the news for his role in a bug-budget new film, which is being made in the multiple languages of Hindi, Tamil, Telegu among others. Entitled ‘Gangs of North-East’, the film features a cast of artistes and technicians hailing from almost the entire North East region, which is really heart-warming, and bodes well for the region.

The action-packed film depicts the lifestyles, customs, sentiments, dreams and aspirations of the young generations from the North East. The stunts and heart-pounding actions scenes are being directed by Pradhan Deori, who has, over the course of his journey in the film and theatre industry, honed his art to a different level. If there can be a ‘Gangs of New York’, the Hollywood blockbuster, or the ‘Gangs of Wasseypur’, there can be a ‘Gangs of North-East’ too. Shot in visually arresting locations, the film is scripted by Avishka Phukan and directed by Rupak Gogoi. For every crew member, this film has been a privilege to be a part of throughout. Besides Udayan Duwara, the film features several artistes and technicians, young independent spirits, hailing from Assam, Meghalaya, Arunachal, Manipur and Nagaland, joining forces in what is likely to be the most exciting project of their lives.

The film’s music is scored by Zubeen Garg, Benjamin and Deepak Sarkar. The songs are being choreographed by Deepak Dey. The playback singing is being done by Zubeen Garg, Kabirruddin, Shapna Pathak, Anisha Lalu, Saint Dominic Kayer. The film is cinematographed by Papu Deka. Its edited by Nayan Bora. The film is jointly produced by Sanjive Narain and Kenny Lyngdoh. Narain has offcourse produced films like ‘Shinyor’ and ‘Dwaar’ in the past. Currently, the film’s sound designing under the direction of Debojit Gayan in Mumbai, and background music by Diganta Sarma, are being work upon. As informed by Udayan Duwara, the film has a fair chance of getting a theatrical release during the upcoming Puja festival. This is for the first time that a film in Hindi, Assamese and Khasi language is being made.


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