October 28, 2016

National Award Winning Film Kothanodi Releases Online

National Award winning Assamese film Kothanodi has now released online after a successful theatrical run in Assam. Directed by Bhaskar Hazarika, the film is an adaptation of Assamese folktales from Lakshminath Bezbaruah's folktales compendium, Burhi Ai'r Xadhu. The cast includes Seema Biswas, Adil Hussain, Zerifa Wahid, Kopil Bora, Urmila Mahanta and Asha Bordoloi. Before its release, the film played at more than a dozen film festivals all over the world.

Kothanodi decided to partner with an upcoming online platform, MovieSaints for its digital release because MovieSaints has a filmmaker friendly model that allows viewers to support the creators of the film directly. But if the viewer does not like the film, they have an option to take their money back. In addition, MovieSaints will be releasing some exclusive bonus content such as making of videos and director's commentary to provide better context to the film. A new feature on the website will even allow viewers to directly interact with the cast and crew of the film online. So far, viewers from 14 different countries have already watched the film online.

This is not the first time Kothanodi has done something unconventional and innovative. Kothanodi was one of the first success stories of crowdfunding in India, when the team raised money through crowdfunding for the film's post-production in 2014. Then it became the first film to have its premiere in the island of Majuli, where the film was shot. And now Kothanodi has released online through a platform that allows viewers to take a refund. The director, Bhaskar Hazarika said that he was not afraid of people taking a refund because he believes in the quality of his film. And now that the film has released online, most people are interested in supporting the film, not taking a refund.


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