November 7, 2016

Assamese Film ‘Haanduk’ Wins Jury Grand Prize at MAMI 2016

Filmmaker Jaicheng Jai Dohutia has made the State proud by winning the prestigious The Jury Grand Prize for his debut Assamese film ‘Haanduk’ at the Jio MAMI Mumbai International Film Festival 2016. The jury members gave citation to Haanduk as a persuasive poetic film reflecting on how family connections can endure even when shaken by political turmoil and grief. Based on true events the story revolves around Mukti, who had left home to join an extremist outfit. When his bullet-ridden body is handed over to Hermoni, the narrative of the film unfolds into a chain of events that engulfs the life of the trio, Hermoni, Sewali and Biplob.

The film was a breath of fresh air for many moviegoers and critics and showed everyone that young filmmakers have a creative, new voice that needs to be heard. Jaicheng expressed obvious happiness and pride on receiving the award at MAMI 2016. Made on a modest budget of 10 lakhs, ‘Haanduk’ has done the rounds of prestigious festivals and there’s more to follow. Shot on locations in Kakopather, Digboi, Ledu, Mergherita and Tinsukia, the film introduces artistes like Bandoi Chetia, Bishal Anuraag, Nivedita Baurah, Jitu Moran, Durlabha Moran and Ratneswar Moran. The screenplay is jointly written by Jaicheng Jai Dohutia with Bhaskarjyoti Das. The film’s director of photography is Chida Bora, while Debajit Gayan is the sound designer, and Punyajit Moran is its art director.


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