November 2, 2016

Majuli the Shrinking Island’ : A French Documentary on Majuli

A documentary, ‘Majuli the Shrinking Island’, produced by a Franco-German TV channel, will soon be dubbed in English and Assamese for a wider audience reach. The raw footage of the film will soon be shown to the islanders to create awareness about erosion.

The producer of the documentary has given his permission to screen the film in Assamese and Mising language for a short period. A PhD scholar, Anil G who has been working in Majuli for the past two years on sustainable tourism has been given the raw footage by Franco-German channel ARTE TV. He is also the coordinator who had met the producers of the channel to make the documentary.

The documentary also showcases the usefulness of technology like sand bags, geo-bags, and porcupines which could divert the flow of water. Anil said, “Hundreds of geo-bags should be made available in shops across the island so that the residents can prevent erosion without the aid of the administration or the Brahmaputra Board.”


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