November 17, 2016

Rising Star Chandradittya Sharma

Assamese filmgoers witness a number of newcomers with potential on a regular basis. One such face is that of the quintessential boy next door looks - Chandradittya Sharma.

He has so far acted in mega-serials like ‘Bharaghar’, ‘Buwari No.1’, ‘Aparadh’, ‘Bhoi’, ‘Itu Situ Bohutu’, ‘Avijan’, ‘Yeh Dosti’, a feature film ‘Papuwe Prem Nokore’, 4 short films directed by Brajen Borah - ‘Xunuwali Bali’, ‘Puhoror Dikholoi Akhuj’, ‘Aamar Ghar’, ‘Sarathi’, short film ‘The Changed Scenario’, Hindi serials ‘Mera Gaon Mera Dharam’, ‘Puja Archana’, ‘Sunehre Dhoop Ke Chaon Mein’, ‘Naya Daur’, ‘Zindagi Ki Mahek’, ‘Geet Gata Chal’, ‘Satyakam’, documentaries and several music videos.

Apart from being an actor he is also a cine-journalist, martial artiste, dancer. In addition to launching Amitabh Bachchan Fan Club in Guwahati, Chandradittya has interestingly authored two books - one on megastar Amitabh Bachchan and the other on action hero Brajen Borah. A member of Amitabh Fan Club in Bengal, he has also been interviewed by many National and regional channels as being the Greatest Fan of Amitabh Bachchan. He has appeared twice in KBC and felicitated in shows and functions.

He has got a library of VCDs, magazines, books, novels, portraits, posters etc at his home. A die-hard Amitabh Bachchan fan, he used to visit Mumbai to wish the megaster on his birthday every year. He was also there in North East Got Talent and has also performed in the Prag Cine Awards which was held in Tezpur. An MBA and also a mass communication student from NDTV, he has also done an acting course in Brajen Borah’s acting school - Swapneel Creation. He is the son of Arabinda Sarma and Pranati Baruah of Beltola.


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