January 11, 2017

"Tukh Dekhi Mur Gaa" - Recreating An Assamese Song

After making the youth sing along for her Kaara Aattakkaara from O Kadhal Kanmani, singer Darshana KT is excited about recreating an Assamese song, ‘Tukh Dekhi Murgaa’. The singer has collaborated with Bob, a guitarist and sound engineer. "This folk song has been rendered by many singers. But I love the version sung by Usha Uthup. She's been my inspiration and loved the manner in which she rendered this one. I wanted to recreate the song and took the idea to Bob (who is an Assamese). We jammed for a bit and recorded the song," she says. So, how did she manage to get the local diction right? She says, "It was tough. At first, I just mimicked what Usha ma'am had sung. But then, I wasn't happy with that. Later, Bob sat down with me and corrected my pronunciation before we went for the final recording. We are planning to release the song by January."

Darshana has also worked on a Nepali song. "This one's an original track about a mermaid. Krishna, a Nepali, wrote the lyrics for the song. Bob helped me with this number, too," she says.

Darshana is clear about not doing covers of Tamil songs. "There are so many people doing covers for songs in Tamil. I wanted to do something different. That's when I thought of getting these songs, which are less heard of, for the audience here. I am hoping they will like them," says the singer, who shuttles between the US and India.


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