January 19, 2017

‘Shakira Aahibo Bokul Tolor Bihuloi’ to Release on January 20

Theatre director Himangshu Prasad Das’s directorial debut ‘Shakira Aahibo Bokul Tolor Bihuloi’ has hit the theatres all over on January 20. The film made on a budget of 30 lakh, part of which was obtained through crowd funding, is an adaptation of his popular play of the same name.

The play was first staged in 2005 and was widely appreciated. It was mounted by Guernica Creatovista, Das’s theatre group known for staging innovative plays since 2007.

The film with its twists and turns revolves around the intense rivalry between villagers during Rongali Bihu celebrations in the state. The competitive spirit culminates in the arrival of popstar Shakira at a local Bihu event.

An alumnus of the National School of Drama, Das, who penned the screenplay for ‘Doordarshan Eti Jantra’, has tried to give something fresh, a little different to what the audiences usually expect on a familar genre. A large number of artistes, three thousand to be precise, had participated in the film’s shoot that was mostly held in South Kamrup. A majority of them were quite familiar with the story.

The locals around the shooting sites provided every other help to the unit, whether it’s donating with money or providing equipments and food.

An Artists’ Factory Product presented under the banner of Guernica Creatovista, ‘Shakira Aahibo Bokul Tolor Bihuloi’s leading roles are essayed by Ashim Krishna Barua, Himangshu Prasad Das, Pranami Bora, Siddhartha Mukherjee, Jyoti Narayan Nath, among many others. The film’s cinematography is done by Himangshu Barman, while editing is by Dhiraj Mazumbar. The music is scored by Arup Jyoti Barua and Kushal Mirza. The background music is done by Chandan Das and Arup Jyoti Barua. The makeup is done by Bhumika Talukdar, costumes by Pranami Bora, sound designing by Bulganin Barua, and sound mixing by Boloi Doloi.


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