February 21, 2017

Amulya Kakati Remembered

On the occasion of the 15th death anniversary of eminent actor, director, producer, scriptwriter, playwright, director, producer Amulya Kakati, a memorial event ‘Amulya Kakati Forever’ was organised on February 9 at the District Library Auditorium. The event was a humble inititaive by his wife and children to remember the much loved and admired artiste - whom they lost at quite an young age, and celebrate his life through the love of his life - his creations. 

After 15 years of tireless efforts, his first book in the form of a collection of few of his writings - ‘Amulya Kakatir Kisu Lekhonir Smaraniya Sankalan’ was released by cultural doyens, Dr. Birendra Nath Dutta, Kakati’s favourite professor during his college days, and singer Sudakshina Sharma. The book has been edited by his wife Anjali Kakati. Amulya Kakati’s creation was given a new form at the event through the song “Jaabor belika..” sung by his daughter Tanvee Kakati that was written by him way back during his college days. Tanvee released her first music album ‘Amulya Anubhav’ dedicated to her father. The CD was released by late Kakati’s close friends and colleagues - renowned singer Pulak Banerjee, music director J.P Das, film directors Shambhu Gupta and Dara Ahmed. The music of the album has been produced by Bhupen Uzir and the songs have been composed by J.P Das, Rupam Bhuyan and Bhupen Uzir himself. 

The event was an effort to connect with the most gentlest of souls Amulya Kakati once again through his work and through the people who loved him. The event witnessed the presence of several actors, directors, singers, producers, writers from the film and theatre industry including Shambhu Gupta, Pulak Banerjee, Dara Ahmed, Chetana Das, Kapil Bora, Arati Barua and many of his friends and well wishers who worked closely with Kakati. His famous award winning play ‘Rang’ written in 1991 was performed by the students of Cotton College under the guidance of Dr Alekhya Baruah.

“Amulya Da’s ‘Rang’ is like a Bible to the Assamese cultural world which should be preserved,” said Alekhya Barua at the event. The event witnessed a gathering of more than 200 people and was a great success. It left many people to tears and truly brought back the highly sensitive artiste Amulya Kakati amongst people once again. Through this book, ‘Swabhav Shilpi’ Amulya Kakati will be brought back to the readers. “Amulya was very dear to me. I got extremely emotional in the event organised today. I am happy to hold this book in my hand. I will keep this right in front of me on my desk. Amulya shoud stay right in front of me always,” said Dr Birendranath Dutta.

“We lost our father at a young age. We have heard people talking about him and his creations in an extremely rewarding way. Through this event we wanted to bring his creations back to people and celebrate his life. It was a huge responsibility and I am happy to see that we were successful in doing that,” said Tanvee Kakati. “My friends, the young generation of today loved his play. It shows how thoughtful he was and that his work is still so relevant,” said Rishav, late Kakati’s son. “I have attended so many events in my life, but I have never seen such an intimate event. One can feel the emotions through Tanvee’s voice, her words and her song. I loved the way the event was conducted,” said Manasjyoti Bordoloi, retd. chief engineer. “The emotions that Tanvee brings to her songs add to their beauty. She sings very well. She has a bright future. Also the emotions she has for her father showed today. She has dedicated her music album to her father today. It is written on the CD, ‘Pita, tumi mor pranor bonti agosi’ - at such an young age to have such deep thoughts and emotions is highly commendable,” said singer and music director J.P Das.

“Tanvee is a beautiful singer. I wish her all the best,” said singer PulakBanerjee. “I felt like I met Amulya da once again today,” said Bidyut Bhuyan, cine-journalist.

The whole event turned out to be a huge success with the audience.

On the same day AASU had honoured noted theatre actress Rina Devi with the Sabhavshilpi Amulya Kakati Suwaroni Bota.


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