February 4, 2017

Assamese Film ‘Aei Maatite’ Censored

Assamese feature film ‘Aei Maatite’ based on witch hunting has received clearance from the Censor Board without any cut or modification. The film is directed by independent filmmaker and eminent theatre personality Sitanath Lahkar and is an adaptation of his well-known stage play ‘Tamasaa’ which revolves around the burning problem of witch hunting in the state.

The story, screenplay, dialogues and lyrics have also been penned by Lahkar, a retired principal of Cotton College.

The film is the first to be produced by Angeekar Film and with the receipt of the certificate from Central Board of Film Certification it is ready to be released in theatres soon.

Lahkar was quite happy to see the Censor Board's reaction to the film during screening for its committee members. The overall response has been overwhelming. “They truly appreciated the effort in making a film on such an important problem of the society. After reviewing the film for certification, the Censor Board members lauded the making of the action drama film which cinematically showcases some of the inhuman killings in the name of witch hunting," Lahkar said.

The film has a very strong message against witchcraft - "upholding the value of scientific temperament and human life".

It mainly talks about the witch hunting problem in Assam and how a section of people are using witchcraft for their own interest and which is to be overcome by society.

Lahkar himself plays a pivotal role in the movie, while the lead male character is portrayed by Rupam Chetia, the film also stars newcomer Monisha Goswami and Khwrwmdao Narzary.

The music has been composed by Bibhuranjan Choudhury and art direction is by Nuruddin Ahmed.


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