March 27, 2017

‘Cinema Sowar Ananda’ : New Book on Cinema by Prodyut Kumar Deka

‘Cinema Sowar Ananda’, a collection of essays on different aspects of Cinema, written by filmmaker Prodyut Kumar Deka has been released recently. This is the second book on cinema for Deka, whose earlier endeavour ‘Amar Kotha Teolokor Kotha’ was also well received.

The book, first of its kind in North East India, is basically a tribute to the medium of cinema, leaving no distinction between art and commercial films. The book includes chapters such as aspects of Asomiya Cinema, makings of several films, curious story of celebrities entering films, Hollywood accounts, rare stories from world of cinema etc. Another highlight of the book is a striking foreword written by eminent scholar and art lover Dr. Hiren Gohain.

As Dr Gohain rightly said, each of the chapter on cinema is told in a simple and attractive way, under the disguise of an anecdote. The book, priced at Rs.100 only, is marketed by Journal Emporium, Panbazar, Guwahati-1.



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