March 2, 2017

Dancer Kalyani Bora Enthralls Audiences

Recently, a classical dance recital held the audience spellbound at the Rabindra Bhawan. The talented artiste Kalyani Bora demonstrated her range and versatility in performing Bharat Natyam items like Allaripu, Jyotisharam, Ashtapodi among others and quite a few Sattriya presentations as well. The evening’s highlight turned out to be a dance item on an evergreen song by Parvati Prasad Barua - ‘Puju Aha Aai Matri..’. Held under the aegis of Kalabhumi, the item- Ganesh Bandana, directed by Menaka PP Bora, kicked off the recital, suitably setting the invocative tone for an auspicious beginning. The Sattriya performances were directed by Ghanakanta Bora Borbayan. The programme, inaugurated by the artiste’s mother and noted singer Kula Barua, became livelier as the show proceeded. It was quite an enthralling experience for the audiences watching the graceful movements of Kalyani Bora, who makes a comeback after a long gap, on stage.

On the other hand, Kalyani is also an actress. In addition to performing in Guwahati Doordarshan’s first telefilm, she has gone on to act in a number of plays and serials. She has recently made a comeback to acting.

The Jorhat born and raised, Kalyani Bora landed in Guwahati to hone her dancing skills and have a broader perspective on it. She went through intensive training in Sattriya at the Assam State Sangeet Mahavidyalaya. Kalyani, who learnt Sattriya under Govinda Saikia, Sailen Saikia and Ghanakanta Bora Borbayan, went on to earn her degree in both Sattriya and sitar. She became attracted to Bharat Natyam too and underwent training in the dance under renowned danseuse Indira PP Bora.

 But fate dealt a cruel blow when she lost her husband to an untimely death. She was betrayed by many in the family business that she was handling at the time. Despite enduring enormous losses, she never lost hope and kept her spirits up. A doting mother to two grown-up daughters, Kalyani Bora’s recent comeback performance was much appreciated by the dance connoisseurs and fans alike, and the credit truly goes to her, her will-power and perseverance. One would expect more such recitals from this gifted dancer in the future.


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