March 29, 2017

Tanaya Gogoi Makes Her Presence Felt

Assam, as well as the north-east, has always been musically rich due to its talents in the various genres of music. Recently, Tanaya Gogoi shone in the Assamese musical world with her soulful voice. She was attracted to music from a very tender age and her first Bihu album ‘Bakhormoni 2016’ was a massive hit among music lovers of Assam.

Parallel to her singing, she was also known for writing and composing songs and a lot of her own songs, which were written, tuned and sung by her, became popular among listeners. Among them, two highly downloaded songs on social networking sites are ‘Tanaya’s Papa’ and ‘You are my peace’. Besides Assamese, she has also sung in Hindi and English and her recently released albums are ‘Xonowali Xopun’ and ‘Bakhormoni 2017’.

People loved the song ‘Maa-Kasam’ from the Bihu album ‘Bakhormoni 2017’. The song was beautifully rendered by Tanaya Gogoi and Palash Gogoi. This song was able to get a nomination in the category of the year’s ‘Best Bihu Song’ by socio-cultural organization ‘NEBCUS’, whereas for the song ‘Papa O Papa’, Tanaya Gogoi got the nomination in the category of ‘Best Singer’ by the same organisation. The organisation will present these awards on 28 May, 2017 at Rabindra Bhawan, Guwahati. Tanaya is also becoming a popular face in acting.

She has essayed roles in the videos of most of her own songs. Each and every song of hers is mixed and mastered in ‘Khruptang Music Studio’, located in Six Mile, Guwahati. Tanaya has performed at various cultural shows held all over Assam, from Sadiya to Dhuburi and entertained the listeners with her God-gifted voice. She is again ready to perform in the upcoming Bihu session. This time, she will perform cover versions of various popular songs in between her originals.


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