May 18, 2017

AEI MAATITE Launches its Publicity Campaign From Tezpur University

The first full-length Assamese feature film on witch hunting problem AEI MAATITE, which will be released on 6th October 2017, launched its publicity campaign from Tezpur University yesterday (15th May 2017). A seminar on "The Making and Hunting of Witches in Assam" was organised by AEI MAATITE's partner Eclectic in association with Tezpur University with a participation of large number of students.

The Director of the film Dr Sitanath Lahkar spoke at length about the superstitious problem. He appealed the youths to come forward and take the initiative on educating people about the social disease. Dr Lahkar elaborated at length on how the film AEI MAATITE has dealt with the problem.

Another Speaker New Delhi-based writer-poet Ms Ankita Anand analysed the socio-cultural factors behind the witch hunting cases in India, especially Assam. She has worked and travelled extensively across remote villages of Assam that are under the grip of this superstition. She has published a few reports as well on witch hunting cases of Assam.

Veteran actor and Tezpur University Director (Centre for Inclusive Development) Dr Rajeev Doley gave detailed analyses of the prospect of AEI MAATITE and how it can help in creating awareness among the public.

AEI MAATITE has a very strong message against witchcraft, upholding the value of scientific temperament and human life. The film mainly talks about the witch hunting problem in Assam and how a section of people are using witchcraft for their own interest. Witchcraft has no reason at all and is shrouded with darkness of superstition, which is to be overcome by the society – this is the say of the film.


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