June 1, 2017

Dilip Doley’s New Mishing Film “Ruwad”

Dilip Doley, The man who made the first feature film in the Mishing language - ‘Panoi Jongki’, is currently busy making a new film. This film, too, is being made in his mother tongue - Mishing. The film is titled ‘Ruwad’, which means light. A story that crosses ethnic boundaries with its universal theme, ‘Panoi Jongki’ (2001) directed by Dilip Doley and Narayan Seal received the Jury’s Special Mention at the National Film Competition. But before this film, another unique film produced by him - ‘The Sons of Abotani - The Mishings’, and directed by well-known filmmaker Gautam Bora, had bagged the Swarna Kamal Award as the Best Documentary film.

After retirement from his job with the Reserve Bank of India, Dilip Doley became preoccupied with music, which has been an abiding passion all throughout his life. Around two years back, he directed and rendered songs with other artistes in an album made in the Mishing language. In the eighties and nineties, Doley became a popular singer and music director.

After achieving fame and respect with ‘Panoi Jongki’, some sixteen years back, Doley returns with renewed vigour to start work on his second feature film project - ‘Ruwad’, under the Guwahati-based Donyi Films, in a picturesque location in Majuli, from March 3. The unit shifted to North Guwahati after shooting in Majuli was completed on March 23. Only ten percent of the work is left now. Almost seventy percent of the dialogue in the film is in Mishing, the rest is in Assamese.

Besides directing, Dilip Doley has also produced, scored and written the film’s script. The main story is derived from ‘Navakallol’, written by Dr Bidyushwar Doley. The associate producers are Gunawati Doley and Alakesh Baishya. Ghanashyam Kalita, who has worked in a number of films, is the film’s associate director.

Doley's new film deals with themes that are taken from the realities of daily life. After plunging into the immortal love story of young protagonists (based on renowned litterateur Rajanikanta Bordoloi’s widely read ‘Miri Jiyari’) in his debut film, Dilip Doley’s new film, vastly different in subject matter, scrupulously tackles several important and contemporary issues like witch hunting - born out of superstition and all-round backwardness of people, a segment’s misconceptions and prejudices towards people coming from the Islamic faith, Majuli’s appalling transportation facilities, deplorable health care centres and equipments, people having to travel long distances for medical care, severe shortage of doctors due to their utter disinterest to work in the world’s largest river island, among other things.

Cinematographed by the experienced Suman Duwerah, the various roles in the film are essayed by Rajiv Doley, Puspa Mishong, Nilim Dutta, Gajen Pegu, Padma Pegu, Anal Kaman, Gobind Narah, Bishnu Priya Mishong, Anuradha Gum,  Lakshmimai Doley, Anima Doley, Gabyanjali Prasad, Ranjana Baishya, Ruku Devi Baishya, Sewali Das, Aneshwar Pegu, Utpal Pagag, Raja Doley, Dharam Raj Rai, Loknath Kutum, Ranjan Kumbang, Pranabjyoti Taid, Migom Doley, Nayan Kaman, Lovely Doley, child artistes Pritimala, Karlu and Paban. The make-up is by Shanku Barua. Costumes have been designed by Geetarani Goswami. The production controller is Phul Dawka.

The film’s editing will be done in Chennai, while the dubbing-mixing work will be carried out in Mumbai. The makers are planning to release the film next year.


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