May 31, 2017

Films Screened at Cotton College State University

Recently, the Cotton University Film Appreciation Society organised an event titled ‘Kotha Sobi’ in collaboration with the State Department of Cultural Affairs.

In addition to screening of selected films, there were interaction of the audience with those closely related to the films, including the producer, director and the lead actors. The objective was to develop critical appreciation of films and filmmaking and a greater awareness about the films of Assam among students. 

The films that were screened are - ‘Man with the Binoculars’ (Antardrishti), a directorial debut of Rima Das, which has won acclaim in international film festivals; ‘Alifa’, directed by Deep Choudhury, which depicts the touching story of a family living on the outskirts of Guwahati; ‘Bokul’, the first film of director Reema Borah, which has also been acclaimed in film festivals; ‘Kothanodi’, written and directed by Bhaskar Hazarika, which is based on folk tales of Assam and has been critically acclaimed; the Assamese comedy ‘Local Kung Fu’, written and directed by Kenny Basumatary on the life of a young man, his girlfriend and crazy friends; and ‘Halodhiya charaiye Baodhan Khai’, the highly acclaimed film directed by renowned director of international fame, Jahnu Barua.

The films were screened at the Sudmersen Hall of the Cotton College State University.


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