June 1, 2017

Murchana's Annual Cultural Function Held

Recently, a packed audience was regaled by a stimulating cultural show at the Guwahati District Library. Like the years before, the students of Murchana Music Education Center captivated audiences with their instrumental and vocal performances of Assamese, Hindi and western music.

Before the function began, floral tributes were paid to the portrait of distinguished litterateur Arun Sarma. The programme hosted by Bipul Barua saw vocal performances by Pradesh Kumar Rabha, Sanjay Hazarika, Bipul Biswas, Anurup Sanskriti, Swaraj Kumar Nath, Himashree Saud, Sneha Das, renditions by artiste Dr Hitesh Barua and flawless violin rendition by noted artiste Dipak Barua.

A number of budding artistes, including Sony Kalita, Kabya Chaliha, Anurag Chaliha, Dibyani Roy Kashyap, Suhasini Singh, Hrithik Barua, Dushmanta Kashyap, Tamuli Lavya Agarwalla weaved magic with their skillful interpretations of various Hindi and western music on guitar and keyboard, leaving the audiences impressed. The highlight of the evening was a creative dance item featuring the students of Murchana, on Jyotiprasad Agarwalla’s evergreen song ‘Bonoriya Aami Bonor Charai..’, which was directed by Meena Paul.


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