June 19, 2017

Assamese Film ‘‘Chaaknoiya’ - The Whirlpool’ Releases

The changing structure of the economy has had a major impact on the ordinary lives of families, engaged in a grim daily struggle to make ends meet. Despite hard work and big dreams, they struggle to keep pace in a society that has become too market oriented. Despite limited avenues of opportunities, the ceaseless yearning for materialistic comforts has often led to a lot of conflicts and even domestic violence in most working-class households.

A new Assamese film takes the viewer into the happenings of a contemporary rural household, living in the margins. The protagonist of the story, Manik too dreams of a better future with his family but has in the process, loses his true bearings when he unwittingly becomes a victim of the system, which has become more of a curse than a cure.

‘Chaaknoiya’, directed by newcomer Nava Kumar Nath and produced by Mridul Ranjan Das, under the banner of J Jagannath Advertising and Media, got released all over the State on June 9. The film with its depiction of hardened reality, has already found appreciation in film festivals in India and abroad.

The film’s cast of artistes includes Dhananjay Debnath, Pranami Bora, Himangsu Prasad Das, Arunabh Hazarika, Dhiraj Mazumdar, Akhilesh Hazari, etc. The screenplay has been written by the director Nava Kumar Nath himself. The cinematography has been done by Himangshu Barman while Dhiraj Mazumdar has edited the film. The music has been scored by Tarali Sarma, with songs rendered by Zublee and Prabhat Sarma. The film’s production manager is Mridul Paul.


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