June 28, 2017

Pranami Bora Adjudged Mrs South Asia Earth 2017

A lot of talented women with immense potential from across the country took part in the 2017 edition of Mrs South Asia. The main idea behind this beauty pageant in India for married woman is to celebrate womanhood and inspire women of all ages.

Held at Kingdom of Dreams, in total 30 contestants took part in the grand finale. The concept is by fashion consultant Aizya Joshi. The show was directed by fashion choreographer Dipanker Kashyap while make-up and hair design was done by Rachna Arora and her team.

10 talented women in total were crowned after many rounds of selection. Suhasini Sudan Maheshwari won Mrs South East Asia Universe, Amisha Chaudhary was awarded Mrs India United Nations, Shalu Punetha came home with the title of Mrs Asia United Nations and Reshita Baruah won the Mrs India World title. Sabina Parvez Wajri was presented the title of Mrs India Universal, Seema Varshney bagged the Mrs India Universal Elegance title, Sukhi Karegoudar was awarded Ms India World Elite, Mrs India United Nations title was presented to Vijaya Shekhar and Varsha Kushwaha bagged the Mrs North Asia Earth title.

Pranami Bora from Assam was awarded the title of Mrs South Asia Earth. She has acted in a number of plays and movies. She participated in the pageant to raise awareness about women empowerment.


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