July 17, 2017

Assamese Film ‘Ojanite’ to Release on August 4

Assamese film ‘Ojanite’, announced some three years back, is finally releasing on August 4. This romantic drama directed by Dimbeshwar Gogoi and Rajen Bordoloi, is produced by Rajen Bordoloi, Diganta Rajkhowa, Jogen Gogoi and Dimbeshwar Gogoi under the banner of Seuji Film Production.

The story chiefly revolves around a young man, who returns home after completing his studies abroad. Though he belongs to a wealthy and influential family, his character is that of a strong willed and self-determined young man who wants to make a name for himself on his own accord. While travelling to a place called Malopathar in Jorhat, he falls in love with a girl from a poor background.

His whole personality and outlook come under the fire of cruel reality when his parents strongly object to the relationship because of the enormous class difference. The movie is about the hero’s firm determination to overcome the obstacles, especially the opposition of his wealthy parents that come in the way of his love.

The filmmakers are quite confident of connecting with the young audiences on an emotional level. The key roles in the film are essayed by Prabir Rajkhowa, Debojit Lahon, Reena Bora, Pabitra Bora, Susmita Kalindi, Pooja, Anima Das, Rajen Bordoloi among others. The film's cinematography is done by Umesh Ghosh, while the music is scored by Prashanta Dutta and Pranjal Pratim Bhorali, and the make-up is by Pankaj Bora.


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