July 15, 2017

‘Footpathor Hero’ Fast Progressing on The Editing Table

The shooting of Assamese film ‘Footpathor Hero’ concluded at the Jyoti Chitraban Studio recently with the whole-hearted participation of Dispur MLA Atul Bora as one of the artistes. After impressing the former president of Asam Sahitya Sabha and eminent litterateur, Kanaksen Deka with its deeply humane, engrossing story, even prompting him to make a cameo appearance in the film, Atul Bora too showed an enthusiastic interest in the film, where he plays the role of a politician. Rubul Das, the man in charge of the cast and crew, has before embarking on his maiden feature film project, made several video films like ‘Sapun Sapun Lage’, ‘Mainao’, ‘Bohagot Soru Bhontir Biya’, ‘Uraniya Pakhilar Mon’, ‘Aai Prem Aiyai Jeevan’, Moromor Chinaki Mon’, ‘Suma’, etc. He also worked as the chief assistant director in Prabin Bora’s short serial ‘Silpi’.

Anything is possible if one works hard enough and has faith in oneself. In a sense, Rubul Das has finally realised his long cherished dream of making a movie for the big screen with ‘Footpathor Hero’, which is being produced by Lucky Production. Currently being worked out at the editing table, Rubul has adorned his movie with a lot of entertaining elements with an eye on the contemporary tastes and inclinations of the audiences. The film’s story, script and dialogues are written by the director himself.
The film recounts the fascinating story of a youth, who was raised by good-hearted street-dwellers in a footpath after being saved as a child from the clutches of a kidnapper. As a grown up young man, he decides to dedicate his life to the cause of the homeless street community and the deprived lot. He is joined in his noble endeavour by a lady from the police force. This educated young woman even submits a memorandum to the government, urging it to adopt viable measures and alternatives for the rehabilitation of the homeless people. As citizens of the country, the homeless are entitled to their basic human rights and freedoms.

Its a common sight to see kids and adults, victims of poverty and mere circumstance, occupying a corner of the street in the heart of the city. But how many of us have shown even remotest of compassions or so much as cared to spare a thought or two for them?

Cinematographed by Sunny, Amar and Rubul Das with the Cannon Mark 4 camera, the film was shot in the locations of Odisha, Shillong, Nalbari and Guwahati. The film’s music is composed by Bhaskar Medhi and Bipul Sarma. Edited by Rajiv Saikia, the film’s associate producers are Biswanath Biswas and Dipti Barua. The film features artistes like Dinesh Das, Hiranya Das, Mukul Das, Ranjumoni Medhi, Pranab Bora, Niren Sarma, Siddhartha Mukherjee, Dipti Barua, Gita Medhi Barua, Palki, Swapna, Ankurjyoti Kalita, Bharati Deka Talukdar, Barsha, Biswanath Biswas, Babli, Nripendra Kumar Sarma, Prabhat Ranjan Laskar, Anjan, Gautam, Moon Baishya, Jeuti Laskar, child artistes Junmoni Saikia, Bipasha, Unmon, Rabab, Nabanita, etc. Still-photography is handled by Tutu, while the film’s production controller is Ranjumoni Medhi.


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