July 4, 2017

Three Stories Complete ‘Rum Vodka Whisky’

Lately, some filmmakers in the state are keenly adopting the kind of storytelling models that are predominant in Bollywood movies. They are more than willing to explore and experiment within the bounds of a low-budget feature. It’s wonderful to learn and imbibe as much as possible movie making techniques, but filmmaking goes beyond technique. No doubt, times are changing, but it’s the stories that finally matter in the end.

Movies showcasing the emotions, love and sentiments of the youth always come in for high praise among movie lovers of all ages. ‘Rum Vodka Whisky’ is one such movie made on such a theme, which has been directed by Prasant Saikia and produced by Veena International.

Interestingly, the screenplay is written by filmmaker Prodyut Kumar Deka, Prasant Saikia and dramatist-lyricist Rajdweep. The film, principally concentrating on three friends and their colourful love life, features three strands of narrative, which was a really interesting challenge, both for the director and the scriptwriters. It goes beyond the usual saccharine or sentimental love story.

The film features Hiranya Das, Queen Hazarika, Priyanka Bhargav, Udayan Duwarah, Prakash Medhi, Durgashree Bora, Moon Rajiv, etc. The songs are sung by Tridip Basumatary and Queen Hazarika. The music is scored by Tridip Basumatary, lyrics penned by Rajdweep and Raj Agnihotri. The film’s cinematography is done by Papu Deka, while Deepak Dey is the choreographer, and editing is by Abhijit Roy and Hirakjyoti Pathak. The film’s official poster was released on the Valentine’s Day last.


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