August 28, 2017

Assamese Song on Course for Entering the Record Books

An Assamese song is on its way to creating a new record. The song’s lyricist, tuner and composer is none other than Apuraj Barooah, the eminent artiste, who has been relentless in his pursuit of unique artistic endeavours and challenges. Once completed,  ‘Aami Gao Asomir Gaan..Kou Huna Bahu Kotha Nishar Junakot, Ati Mitha Mridu Haahi Puwar Surujor..’ will be a major achievement, a rare feat, that will make the State proud. Infact, making records has become second nature to this man!

In 2009, Apuraj Barooah executed a 120-meter long painting in one continuous stroke for 48 hours, which entered the Limca Book of Records. He demonstrated remarkable endurance and steely determination in creating the world’s longest scratch art piece on bromide paper, measuring 20.30 metres in length and 1.4 metres in width in 2011, that contained forty elegant illustrations of world folk dances, including the Bihu dance, in London. An award from the Guinness authorities along with a certificate was presented to Barooah for his stunning effort.
In 2011-12, he led some 800 amateur and professional artistes to accomplish a monumental 10-kilometre long stretch of painting, capturing the culture and spirit of the land; it is scheduled to be showcased this year around September-October, at the Sarusojai Stadium in Guwahati.

Once he sets his sight on a goal that inspires him, he bravely goes about with a steadfast resolve to complete it. Apuraj Barooah’s efforts are not just limited to the sphere of painting, where he has scaled massive heights. He has allowed his multi-faceted talents to shine in other domains like playwriting, music composition, song-writing, etc.

Without resting on his laurels, Barooah is now focusing all of his energy in creating a new record with a three-and-a-half-hour long song, yet another painstaking effort that is currently being recorded at the Sabdarupa Studio in Guwahati. This song will be rendered by a hundred or so veteran and popular singers of the State, including eminent artistes like Sudakshina Sarma, Anima Choudhury, Tarali Sarma, Shanta Uzir, Namita Bhattacharyya, JP Das, Pulok Banerjee, Beauty Sarma Barua, Nilima Khatoon, Sandhya Menon, Mira Das Saharia, Malabika Bora, Anupam Saikia, Dilip Das, Apurba Bezbarua, Dikshu, Rupam Bhuyan, among others. Weaved around Bihu, Boro songs, Dihanaam, Zikir, among other such traditional folk tunes, the song lyrically paints among other things, Assam’s natural beauty, animals, birds, historical places, major tourist spots, besides renowned personalities like Mamoni Raisom Goswami, Bhupen Hazarika, Hiren Bhattacharyya, etc. The song also features the work of eminent musicians like Prabhat Sarma, Dipak Sarma, Manoj Barua, Pankaj Sarma, Kailash Rabha, among others. ‘Aami Gao Asomir Gaan..’ has been musically arranged by noted musician Rupam Talukdar, who is trying his best to bring a new texture to this epic of a song. Also, Apuraj Barooah has closely collaborated with writer Limakrishna Bora Phukan in the making of this song.

As informed by Barooah, the song will be completed by October-November and the video version will be shot thereafter. Recently, at a press meet held in connection with the song at a city-based hotel, Barooah proudly announced that once completed, his song will set a new world record, eclipsing the previous record held by a song with a duration of three hours-and-five minutes. Barooah was also quite happy with the response from the artistes and musicians, who were in full attendance on the occasion.

Prantik Deka