August 20, 2017

Axl Hazarika - First Indian in SoundCloud Music Charts Top 10

Assamese avant-garde music composer from Guwahati, Axl Hazarika has become the first Indian to get a top ranking in the SoundCloud Global Top 10 Trance Music Chart. Hazarika’s psychedelic trance track titled ‘Trippy Experience’ has been the only Indian entry in the Sound Cloud Global Top 50 Trance Music Chart since October 2015. The track has crossed 8 million plays till date and is currently ranked number nine on the Sound Cloud Global Top 50 Trance Music Chart.

Hazarika started an EDM project called Rainbow Trip in late 2015 with the release of a psytrance set “Trippy Experience” on SoundCloud, which topped the global trance music charts within a month and remained at number one position for three consecutive months. The track is an innovative mix of sounds, intelligent melodies and captivating atmospherics.
Axl Hazarika released the first Assamese folk EDM song Goru Bihu Song as Rainbow Trip in May 2016. The music video initiated a massive controversy between traditionalists and the more modern people of Assam and amassed over 1 lakhs views within the first week of release.

Photo Courtesy: Official FB Page.


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