August 25, 2017

Nilanjana - A Short Film on Erosion Problem of Assam

Bahari, a village with rich culture is now slowly disappearing into the vastness of the mighty river Brahmaputra. The place was a centre of business for many years. People from various fields of work came here to carry out their trades. It bloomed with customers, who came from distant places for the wide variety of products which were sold here.

But this place, like many other nearby areas, is being affected by the problem of soil erosion. Soil erosion has been a major cause of concern in this place for many years. And now the problem has taken a serious turn. Many acres of land have been lost due to soil erosion. The river bank, which was miles and miles away from the homes of many locals, is just a couple of kilometres away now. The locals fear that the river will wash away their land and homes in the coming years.

To highlight this problem and bring to light the sufferings of the people of their village in a different way, a few local artists are planning to make a short film titled ‘Nilanjana - Jaar Hridoyot Luit Thomoki Roi’ (Nilanjana- her heart is where the Brahmaputra stops), based on this major issue. The film is a romantic short movie directed by Ajay Das, with the soil erosion of the place being used as the main backdrop. The story, cinematography and dialogues are written by Rajen Kumar Sharma and Ajay Das.

Prantik Deka