October 3, 2017

Drawing On an Array of Talent : Prodyut Baruah

A gifted songwriter-composer, Prodyut Baruah shot to fame when his title track for Prastuti Parashar’s serial ‘Bindash’ on Rang Channel became extremely popular. Before he found his new found fame and success, Baruah, who graduated from Guwahati Commerce College and holds an MBA from All India Management Association in Kolkata, was working in a corporate house for four years.

Drawing on his array of talent - as a lyricist, composer and background musician, Baruah quit his lucrative job and took music as his full-time profession in 2010.

Prodyut made his debut as a composer-lyricist in the album ‘Porichoy’, which introduced popular singer Vreegu Kashyap to the music scene. Besides rendering some very popular songs, Vreegu also produced the album which was musically designed by Kukil Singha. The experience also strengthened his resolve to concentrate his energy on expressing himself through the medium of music.

Prodyut has since produced a prolific output of songs for various music albums, films, serials, mobile theatre troupes, bands among others that have grabbed the attention of many in Assam and Mumbai. Its hard to find songs with good lyrics and at the same time a good tune nowadays. The music scene is often ladened with lyrics that are dull, contrived, incomprehensible or just plain silly.

There is no magic ingredient involved for writing great songs, but Prodyut likes to keep things as simple as possible while expressing an idea or story, without compromising on quality, and he also garnishes his songs with a certain amount of melody and texture when it comes to composing.

Prodyut made his debut in films as a lyricist with Ashok Kumar Bishaya’s 2015 release ‘Khel - The Game’. He has often shifted his creative focus to concentrate on scoring the background music for a number of projects, including Assamese serials like ‘Akash’, ‘Ghar Juwai’, ‘Ghar Sanchar’, ‘Mon Paporir Subash’, etc. Prodyut has also done the background score for a short film titled ‘Pigments - the immortal shades’, which is produced and directed by Anindita Kalita. The film was received very well at a number of film festivals in India and overseas.

The gifted lyricist-composer has also collaborated with a number of popular music bands from the North East, including Daksha, Mo & Shooting Star, Axis, etc, with a fair amount of stress on the digital aesthetics. He is currently busy composing and providing lyrics on a new album by Rishi Bora and his band - Elephant Apple.

Prodyut has composed and provided lyrics for quite a few songs rendered by Zubeen Garg, who has always been a source of encouragement to him. He is particularly happy with the songs - ‘Osinaki Kun Tumi’ and ‘Mukhar Aaror Mukh’ with Garg.

Prodyut owes a lot to his family and friends for his success, and treasures his long-standing friendship with the well-known sound engineer and musician Diganta Sharma, who has always guided him in his journey.

Prantik Deka