October 15, 2017

Munindra Kumar Saikia’s Audio CD ‘Anurag’ Released

After the success of modern song album ‘Runuma’ (2015) and Bongeet album ‘Toi Kun Birikhor Pakhi’ (2016), based on songs by Bonkonwar Anandi Ram Das, singer Munindra Kumar Saikia’s third album titled ‘Anurag’, comprising of modern songs, was recently released in a somber function held at the Lakshmiram Barua Sadan. Starting with a soulful Borgeet rendered by Munindra Kumar Saikia himself, the function was attended by a number of eminent musicians and singers, including chief guest Prabhat Sarma, Kula Barua, Abaniranjan Pathak, Dr Arabinda Debnath and Devaprasad Mishra, Director, Directorate of Cultural Affairs, Assam.

A singer who sings from the soul, Munindra Kumar Saikia delivers all the eight songs, including a poetic verse, with effortless ease. As an artiste, he has remained true to his artistic development without considering any commercial potential. Two songs from the album – ‘Mur Mon Jai’ and ‘Tumi Ahila’ are written by distinguished lyricist Dr Nirmalprabha Bordoloi.
The lyrics to the song ‘Fagunore Aai Gadhuli’ are by distinguished poet-lyricist Hiren Bhattacharjya. ‘Akashkhoni’ and ‘Purbor Akash’ are written by Dr Arabinda Debnath. The lyrics to the other three songs are written by Manohar Kalita, Kaustavmoni Saikia and Keshav Dutta. Munindra Kumar Saikia has always been careful about choosing songs with lyrics that are meaningful and touches the soul. Musically scored by the talented music director Anup Kumar Sarma, the songs in ‘Anurag’ are tuned by Manohar Kalita, Puspakanta Bora and Saikia himself. Produced by Sanchita Saikia under the banner of C.D.S Creation, ‘Anurag’ will certainly delight listeners.

Prantik Deka