December 13, 2017

Assamese Film "Khalanayika" To Release on 15 December

There has been dearth of women-centric Assamese films, attempting to empower and advance the issues of women. And when finally such a film comes along, one surely does hope for the best. Despite making immense strides in fields traditionally dominated by men, it’s surprising to see that female characters and their lives are still on the periphery in cinema.

Revolving around love, deceit and revenge, the just released Assamese film ‘Khalanayika’ is a modernist take on the mythological figures - Sita, Draupadi and Ganga. It will be interesting to see such mythical characters, the female equivalents of the angry male, reincarnated as real women in the cinematic form.

Directed by Hemant Nilim Das from his own story and screenplay, ‘Khalanayika’, which got released all over on December 15, features artistes like Fairy Priya Ahmed, Gagan Sarma, Jayant Negi, Alok Sarma, Love Joshi, Sonia Nehra, Drishyam, etc. Besides Guwahati, quite a number of these artistes hail from Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata and Delhi. The film will also test the mettle of leading heroine Fairy Priya after her breakout role in ‘Rodor Chithi’. ‘Khalanayika’s music is scored by Shree Gurunath Shree, Zubeen Garg and Anupam Baruah. The action scenes are choreographed by Rajubhai and Pradeep Bhabesh ATC. The songs are choreographed by Jeetu, while the cinematography is done by Chittaranjan Dhal and Narayan Dixit.

The film is produced by Hemant Nilim Das and Sarthak Kumar under the banner of The Golden Shakehand Production.

Prantik Deka