December 9, 2017

Raas Leela Performed in Delhi for the First Time

It was a rare honour and a memorable moment when BB Creation’s Shree Shree Sampurna Raas Leela Bhaona, an unique creation of Vaishnavite culture, was performed under the aegis of Sangeet Natak Akademi in collaboration with the State’s Directorate of Cultural Affairs and Information and Public Relations Department, in the open air stage of Meghdoot Theatre complex in the Sangeet Natak Akademi campus in New Delhi. The presentation turned out to be of immense attraction for the people in the national capital. It may have deprived Guwahatians from witnessing this annual spectacle this year, but a wide-ranging audience, besides the Assamese community of Delhi, revelled in this form of entertainment that also provided them with a unique opportunity to learn about our rich heritage.

As someone who fiercely prides himself in Assamese culture and heritage, Basanta Kumar Baruah, the founder Secretary of BB Creation and the main architect behind the Sampurna Raas Leela, was on the seventh heaven when he received an invitation from the Sangeet Natak Akademi for holding the Sampurna Raas Leela Bhaona in New Delhi. The Sampurna Raas Leela Bhaona has been an invaluable addition to the city’s cultural calendar that has attracted people from all walks of life since 2009. Baruah initiated to bring traditional enactment of ‘Bhaona’ from the scriptures, which were confined to only Sattras and Naamghars, to the door step of the cosmopolitan lives of the Guwahatians. As someone who is deeply inspired by the ideals and principles of Srimanta Sankaradeva, Baruah has finally succeeded in bringing this great cultural heritage in the national arena, which has always been his dream.

The one-day extravaganza of Sampurna Raas Leela Bhaona was a grand affair with extravagant settings, performances as energetic and finely composed as the traditional decor itself, which made the audiences spellbound at the open air stage of Meghdoot Theatre Complex of Sangeet Natak Akademi. It’s the same place where a number of celebrities from cinema and theatre have showcased their talent. It was a memorable experience and wonderful opportunity for the entire cast and crew to display their talent in such a prestigious platform.

It has to be mentioned that since 2011, Basanta Baruah had assimilated a number of artistes from the Karbi, Bodo, Dewri, Mising and Tea Tribe communities, motivating and providing them with a perfect platform to perform Raas Leela in their own dialects. This engagement of various communities in the Raas Leela Bhaona has been his most exceptional contribution that outshines everything else. Everyone applauded the endeavour of Baruah and BB Creation in espousing the splendid cultural inheritance and strengthening the bond of unity and amity among the different communities.

The various artistes who performed in the open air stage of Meghdoot Theatre Complex in Delhi are Atul Pachani, Debojit Dutta, Chumki Saikia of ‘Beharbari’ fame, Nilakshi Bora, Sulakshana Barua, Manoj Das, Nitumoni Saikia, Bipul Barua, Sushmita Kalindri, Moon Rajiv, Jitu Bora, Ajay Basumatary, Diganta Bhuyan, Chandan Mishra, Ashramika Saikia, Alice Shaikh, Percy Devi, Nandini Das, Tanushree Kalita, etc. The dances were directed by noted artiste Naren Chandra Barua.
The function was attended by dignitaries like Kumar Sanjoy Krishna, IAS, Bhaskarjyoti Mahanta, IPS, Ritaswami Choudhury, Secretary, Sangeet Natak Akademi, and prominent actor Pranjal Saikia, who also lit the traditional lamp.

Prantik Deka