February 11, 2018

Assamese Film 'Calendar' to Release on February 16

Last year, a number of releases exceeded the expectations of the critics and audiences. Interestingly, a good number of them were directed by newcomers. The films were superbly directed, written and edited, with exceptional cinematography. This year too, a number of new voices, determined to leave their own stamp with some intelligent themes and ideas, are waiting to be discovered.

The imaginative plot of the upcoming Assamese film ‘Calendar’, helmed by a debutant director, sets it apart from the others, and should be instantly recognised by critics and audiences. Directed by Himjyoti Talukdar, this film with an unconventional story is all set to hit the theatres on February 16. A filmmaker with immense potential, Himjyoti, who developed an abiding interest in the movies from an early age, has paid a lot of attention to detail to get everything right.

Infact, he has laid a lot of emphasis on the visual treatment in capturing a story of everyday life. Himjyoti has also written the screenplay of the critically acclaimed ‘Marksheet’. He is also the founder of the web portal called enajori.com.

The film follows Hitesh Kakati, a retired teacher living with his wife Manorama Kakati in a small town. Their son, the newly married Arunav, stays in Delhi with his non-Assamese wife. Both the son and daughter-in-law are very dear to Hitesh and Manorama Kakati, and they too love their parents a lot. But, the situation gradually changes when Arunav visits his parents during Magh Bihu. He is grappling with a major issue in his professional life, which he reveals to his mother. Manorama is overcome with a lot of stress after knowing Arunav’s situation, and plans to help him in her own way.

On the other hand, Manorama always notes down her monthly activities in a yearly calendar gifted by Kakati on New Year. She usually marks every event in that calendar with a circle mentioning its name. But then she leaves out some names in the circles, which then leads to unexpected consequences.

‘Calendar’ stars artistes like Arun Nath, Malaya Goswami, Gunjan Bhardwaj, Rimjhim Deka, etc. The screenplay is written by Himjyoti Talukdar, Santanu Rowmuria and Jhulan Krishna Mahanta. While Dikhit Das is the film’s cinematographer, the sound is designed by Debajit Gayan, the music is scored by Tarali Sarma, costumes by Rimjhim Deka and make-up is by Tibra Jyoti Boiragi. The online editors are Hiranya Jyoti Das and Pratim Lama. The film is produced by Dikhit Das and Himjyoti Talukdar under the banner of Enajori Talkies. The film’s co-producers are Subhas Bora, Trinayan Bora, Dambarudhar Das, Jyotirmoyee Shree and Arunav Gogoi. It’s executive producers are Partha Mahanta and JP Nath.

Prantik Deka