March 7, 2018

Assamese Film ‘Marksheet’ Releases on March 2

The childhood years are a joy to rediscover time and again. Filmmakers often construct their themes around the events and surroundings of those lost innocent years. Movies made on children also have tremendous scope to address issues and concerns of children. The social environment has undergone a sea-change. Today’s children are raised in a society with an absurd set of expectations. They are trapped in a constant parental pressure to excel in studies, which often drive them into a shell, strained by fears and anxieties. The wings that are ready to soar out of their own volition are ruthlessly clipped. There is a big wide world beyond academics.

Released on March 2, ‘Marksheet’, Ratan Sil Sarma’s directorial debut is semi-autobiographical in nature, and is compassionately weaved from a child’s point of view. Yet another collaborative endeavour, the film’s screenplay and dialogue have been penned by Himjyoti Talukdar, whose recently released ‘Calendar’ has garnered appreciative reviews.

“It’s a fact that the world is counting its breath on marks,” said Sarma, who has the experience of working with various national and international media houses and advertising agencies for quite a few years. Children are told from a tender age to do well, whether it’s in academics or in other fields. The yardstick is constantly measured in terms of those ‘digits’. “The pressure to get ahead in the rat race has left the hunger for knowledge behind,” Sarma said, adding that knowledge and experience go hand in hand.

The story of ‘Marksheet’ revolves around a self-possessed, outgoing kid Babu who dwells in his own imaginative world much to the dislike of his father who constantly scolds him for his academic detachment and inconsequential errors. Babu fails in his Half-Yearly examination and is filled with horror to hand over his marksheet to his dad. In a bid to escape the horror of paternal confrontation, he leaves home and meets Azad, a poor kid who lives with his dumb uncle. Azad learns from Babu, the latter’s trials and troubles. He helps Babu escape to his grandmother’s home. The film captures the culminating friendship of these two innocent kids who are mesmerised by each other’s company, as their lives change forever. 

After struggling to find distributors, the filmmakers released ‘Marksheet’ on the digital platform in 2016. A part of the movie was completed by crowd funding.

Produced by Sanjive Narain, under the banner of AM Television, the film’s co-producers are Himjyoti Talukdar, Dikhit Das and Ratan Sil Sarma.

The key roles in the film have been essayed by Aditya Malla Buzarbarua, Abhijit Choudhury, Pranami Bora, Jintu Kalita and Dibyajyoti Saikia. Music has been scored by Tarali Sarma. The sound designing is done by Sumir Dewri Damling. The promotional track has been composed by Joi Barua. Cinematography is done by Dikhit Das. The film has been edited by the director Ratan Sil Sarma himself. The film’s production controller is Gopal Mandal. Costume and make-up are by Gautam Choudhury and Priyanka Dehingia.

Prantik Deka