March 24, 2018

Film Producer Tapabrata Baruah No More

Assamese film producer Tapabrata Baruah passed away at a private hospital in New Delhi recently. He was 75.

Husband of veteran actress Mridula Baruah, Tapabrata Baruah was undergoing treatment for some time. Born in 1942, in an affluent, highly cultured family at Golaghat, his parents were Nagendra Nath Baruah and Hemprabha Baruah. After his early education in his birth place, he graduated from St Anthony’s College in Shillong. Even though he was into business, Baruah was more inclined towards culture - an inseparable part of his life since his childhood. He acted on the stage in a number of plays and was also a skillful mandolin player.

‘Bowari’ - the only film he produced in 1982, became a huge hit at the Box-Office. Directed by Shiva Prasad Thakur, the film’s beautiful depiction of rural and urban life, and human relationships, touched a deep chord with the audiences. People still remember the evergreen songs from the film like ‘Mon Hira Doi..’, ‘Nai Ejar Phula Nai..’ and ‘Eje Nohoy Ronangonor Kahini..’. The movie featuring matinee idol Biju Phukan, Rana Tamuli, Manjula Baruah among others, introduced Mridula Baruah, who became a luminous star of several Assamese films.

Despite ‘Bowari’ being such a huge hit, Tapabrata Baruah resisted the lure of producing more movies, although he did confide to his close friends of his desire to produce a film. Baruah, who was involved with various social causes, had produced nearly fifty commissioned programmes for Guwahati Doordarshan.

His wife Mridula Baruah was beside him till his last breath. Tapabrata Baruah’s last rites were performed at the Navagraha cremation ground.

Prantik Deka