March 23, 2018

Rendezvous (Unfolding an Unforeseen) : Assamese Short Film by Arindam Barooah

''Rendezvous (Unfolding an Unforeseen)'', a new Assamese short film directed by Arindam Barooah was released online on You Tube on 19/03/2018. It's a 2 character short film that deals with human relationships, emotions, renunciation & friendship. Director Arindam Barooah, who has made a number short films and documentaries, creates his own structure out of a offbeat theme.

The short film that deals with human relationships, emotions, renunciation & friendship. Having found some old letters, she unearthed a truth from which she was protected for a long time. Curiosity took her to the man who she thought was responsible for everything. Meeting him changed her perspective and she finally could accept the truth.
Cast & Crew of Rendezvous:

Direction: Arindam Barooah

Story: Khimpi Dutta


1) Nibir Akash Baruah

2) Arindam Barooah

Dialogues :

1) Rita Bhuyan Barooah

2) Nibir Akash Baruah

3) Khimpi Dutta


1) Rishika Baruah

2) Bhaskar Jyoti Dutta


1) Arindam Barooah

2) Tridib Konwar

3) Bhaskar Jyoti Dutta


1) Kamal Rajkhowa

2) Porosh Dutta

3) Anjjan Dhon Bordoloi

Makeup and Costume: Dipandita Gogoi

Still Photography: Dilwar Ahmed

Assistant Director: Anupam Dutta


1) Anisha Dutta

2) Bhargab Devchoudhury


1) Abhijit Bhattacharya

2) Bhavna Devchoudhury

3) Cafe Tortuga