March 20, 2018

‘Xondhikhyon’ Releases on March 23

‘Xondhikhyon’ – the 95-minute film made in 2014 has finally hit the screens all over the State on March 23. Filmmaker M. Maniram comes back to the big screen after almost a 10 year hiatus, since making his debut with the critically acclaimed ‘Mon Jai’ in the year 2008. The film was selected for the Indian Panorama of the International Film Festival of India in 2008, and it also won the National Award for Best Regional Film in Assamese in the same year.

Maniram emerged as a filmmaker who could deftly and critically present the contemporary social and political evils, exploring into the nature of degradation of society.

In his latest film ‘Xondhikhyon’ (Transition), Maniram exposes the socio-political system in depth by piercing through its thick opaque layers.

The 95-minute film depicts the agony of a woman and her family when her husband Abinash Barua was kidnapped by an insurgent group. It unfolds the layers of different political pulls and pushes of the place evoked by the issue.

Once kidnapping used to be a daily affair in Assam. “When a person got kidnapped, no one knew whether the person was kidnapped by the government, the opposition or the insurgent groups. It used to be a tense situation where nothing would be disclosed,” said the director.

The film, he says, also highlights how girls in Assam are expected to be married off to government servants. The film scripted and directed by Maniram carries both incidents and commentaries that reflect the contemporary issues.

The film was screened at the Contemporary Indian Film Festival held in 2015 at the India Habitat Centre in New Delhi.

Cinematographed by Sumon Dowerah, the film’s music and editing is executed by Manipuri filmmaker Ningthouja Lancha and the dialogues are written by Nayanjyoti Talukdar. While the art direction is by Kalyan Dutta, sound designing by Jatin Sarma, costumes by Sibashree Baruah, the film’s DI colourist is Rajat Rana and the production controllers are Santanu Mahanta, Pranjit Das and Dinabandhu Das. The assistant directors are Abhijit Kashyap, Pranjal K Saikia, Novellina Baruah and Anindita Gogoi. Various roles are played by Sourav Hazarika, Rajen Sarma, Dipak Bhuyan, late Lakhi Borthakur, Bina Baruati, Rina Bora, Madhusmita Borkotoki, Satyen Sarma, Upakul Bordoloi, newcomer Dorshana Bora, child artiste Harshita Utpal Das, etc.

Prantik Deka