April 4, 2018

Rajmukut Theatre's New Song - Etiya Tension Nai

A poster with the tagline - Etiya Tension Nai, turned out to be a much shared matter on the social media. What was it all about? People were left to try to figure out themselves.

Recently, the suspense was unveiled. The poster is actually the title of an upcoming song, part of the mobile theatre play Bauli Mor Priya. Written by lyricist-dramatist Rajdweep, the song will be staged by Rajmukut Theatre for the 2018-19 session. The song has been rendered by popular singers like Neel Akash, Vreegu Kashyap and Deeplina Deka.

Musically arranged by Bibhuti Gogoi, and mixed and mastered by Bhupesh Saikia, it was recorded by Dipankar Goswami at the Orange Studio in Guwahati. The choreography has been done by Nagen Baishya, while it’s edited by Manash Kashyap. According to Manash Kalita, producer of Rajmukut Theatre, the song will be released very soon. Rajdweep’s play Bauli Mor Priya is based on a true story. Rajmukut Theatre’s artistes for the new season include Prasenjit Borah, Sukanya Rajguru, Nirmali Nilam, Bhaskar Tamuly, Tarak Das, Surabhi Kakati, Bijumoni Chutia, Sasanka Sekhor, Pramod Chutia among others.

Prantik Deka