July 24, 2018

‘Dham Dhama Dham’ to Release on August 3

Released on August 3, the romantic comedy ‘Dham Dhama Dham’ should appeal to viewers of all ages. Filled with wit, charm, and a few recipes along the way, the film is the journey of a young police officer, Bikram Kumar Nath. However he is a poor specimen of his father, Haren Kumar Nath, a former police officer, who is brave, diligent and honest to the core. Bikram, on the other hand, is a lazy and timid person, who gets scared easily. As one might expect, the morale in his police station is low, and the force has earned a reputation for being incompetent as a result of poor leadership. 

After a series of events that shatters him, his life undergoes a change of fate after encountering a beautiful girl in a park. Realising that he has never really been truly in love before in his life, his yearnings now revolve around the beautiful Megha Barbaruah, daughter of Pratap Babaruah. In the course of his journey, Bikram tries to mend his ways, and is quite determined to make his father proud of him, when he learns important lessons in life.

‘Dham Dhama Dham’ is written and directed by Mani Sinha, who came through a stint as an assistant director in Mumbai from 2005 to 2009, working in Hindi serials like ‘Qayamat’ (Star Plus), ‘Saath Phere’ (Zee TV), etc. It seems that the director has empathy for the officers in uniform as his previous film ‘Ruff & Tuff’, released in 2017, too revolved around a police officer. Unlike the timid, irresponsible cop of his new film, ‘Ruff & Tuff’ featured a rowdy, fearless police officer.

Produced by Ritesh Khater under the banner of RRK Productions, ‘Dham Dhama Dham’ has the ingredients to draw fans of romantic comedies. The film’s music is scored by Rideep Das, edited by Ratan Sil Sarma and cinematographed by Papu Deka. The various roles are played by Rupam Chakrabarty, Kalpana Kalita, Arun Hazarika, Madhurima Choudhury, Pranjal Saikia, Jharna Choudhury Baishya, Rajen Neog, Rajib Borthakur, Jeet Baruah, Bankim Rabha, Failung Basumatary, etc. 

Prantik Deka