March 25, 2019

IPTA Drama Festival Held at Guwahati

On the occasion of 75th anniversary of Indian Peoples' Theater Association (IPTA), a theatre festival, organized by its Assam chapter, was held on March 11 and 12, 2019, at the District Library, Guwahati. The festival saw two plays on both the days - ‘Lal Churni’, produced by IPTA, Assam and directed by Kandarpa Mahanta, and ‘Coffee Housot Apeksha’, produced by Aikyatan under the direction of Prodyut Kumar Deka.

A Hindi play, ‘Coffee House Me Intezar’ was adapted into Assamese by eminent playwright-actor Durgeswar Borthakur, which was originally written by Laxmi Narayan Lal. The play revolves around a conversation that took the shape of a discussion ending up in an argument. The play opens with two characters in a coffee shop; Nirmal, a 47- year old man who had been a part of the freedom struggle and Vishal, a college going student. Both the strangers are waiting for their respective friends at the coffee shop. Nirmal, who was a part of freedom struggle, is a person with a long list of ethics, values and also many stories of freedom struggle. Basically, Nirmal always lives in the past. On the other hand, Vishal is a young boy who believes in the present and lives it enthusiastically and with fun. Another character is the waiter of the coffee shop who represents a common man and its struggle with life.

As the three strangers began talking with a small conversation, Nirmal narrates his experiences as a fighter in the freedom struggle and Vishal tells him about what he does all day and how much he enjoys his life. As the strangers began talking about things as well, Nirmal begins to tell Vishal as to how the country finally gained its freedom, and that now, all the Indians could live as proud, free human beings. But Vishal had some contradictory views as according to him, all the social evils and other problems like unemployment, corruption, illiteracy, poverty and many more are still the same. At the end, Nirmal agrees, with Vishal ending the argument.

The three roles were superbly played by Mrinal Das, Mukut Nath and Hemchandra Pathak, aptly supported by appropriate music, settings and lighting.

Prantik Deka


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