March 9, 2019

"Lucid Recess" Releases New Single ‘Cell’

Lucid Recess, Guwahati’s longstanding veterans in Alternative Metal/ Progressive Rock have come out with their new single called ‘Cell’, recently. This is the second release from their upcoming and as of yet unnamed album after the release of ‘Blindmen’ in July, last year. The song’s video – shot by filmmaker and friend of the band Anurag Baruah – sets the bend members in a small, stuffy under-construction room at the band’s Lucid Recess Studio in Guwahati.

The new album is going to be a groovier departure from our earlier heavy tones,” says the band’s vocalist Amitabh Barooa. Since its release, ‘Blindmen’ has received rave reviews from fans and the media alike, with hype building up around their upcoming music.

We are also planning to release a couple of more singles in the next few months,” added Amithabh. With Siddharth Barooa on guitar and Sandeepan Baruah on drums,  Lucid Recess have attained an almost legendary status in the Progressive Rock and Alternative Metal genres in the country, and especially so in the North East, and there is enormous anticipation amongst their fans to hear their new sound.

Prantik Deka