March 19, 2019

'Mo and the Shooting Stars' Rocked IGRMS

The second day of the 43rd foundation day celebrations at IGRMS witnessed rock bands from north eastern states of Meghalaya and Assam blending traditional folk with contemporary fusion. 

Rida Gatphoh, founder and lead singer of 'The Musical Folks', said: "Our music is influenced by western songs, gospel music , rock, blues and choir mostly. Youths are drawn towards western music, but we are trying to preserve traditional music." Some of the songs they presented were 'Phawar Mei Mariang', 'Kshaid Nohsngithiang', 'Leitphaishaiing', 'Kyntanglawai' and other Khasi tunes. 

The alternative rock band 'Mo and the Shooting Stars' from Assam performed Assamese songs in jazz rock fashion. Formed in 2015, this band's songs are inspired by rituals and traditions in Assam.

Prantik Deka