March 5, 2019

Rima Das to Receive Award at Cleveland International Film Fest

Cleveland International Film Festival will present Rima Das with its SOMEONE TO WATCH Award, which is given to mid-career filmmakers who are rising stars in international filmmaking. 

The festival, which prioritises women filmmakers, will screen Das’s ‘Bulbul Can Sing’ (2018) and ‘Village Rockstars’ (2017), and Das will be in attendance for the screenings.

A self-taught filmmaker, who was born and raised in Chaygaon, Assam, Das was adventurous and creative as a child, spending her days climbing trees and exploring nature. As reflections of her own experiences, her films - ‘Village Rockstars’ and ‘Bulbul Can Sing’, depict young girls growing up in rural India with similar rebellious natures to her own. 

As a young woman, Das went on to graduate with honors from Cotton College, Guwahati, and received her Master’s in Sociology from Pune University. In addition to writing and directing, she now manages the Mumbai-based production company, Flying River Films, which supports local and independent filmmakers in the region.

The 43rd Cleveland International Film Festival, which has several new programmes in store this year, will be held from March 27 to April 7, 2019.

Prantik Deka